• Making the Future Bright

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    Beacon needs your support to create more employment opportunities for people with disabilities!  Take a look at our IMPACT to see what we have accomplished recently.  We are shining a light on the need for services and bringing a BRIGHTER future to thousands of people who want to work.



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  • A True Community Newspaper

    Beacon Workers at Az Republic

    The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper hires Beacon Group  to continue delivering excellent internal service to its employees.  The Republic’s leadership, already tuned into supplier diversity, learned about Beacon Group’s Customized Work Teams (CWT) and wondered if it might be a cost-effective solution for outsourcing their on-site mail-room needs.  Turns out the solution is working well for everyone.

    Learn More
    about Beacon’s CWT at the Arizona Republic.

  • Overcoming Invisible Disabilities

    Elena Smiling Next to Beacon Job Placement Sign

    Creative, energetic, diligent. When you see Elena in action delivering structured activities and supervision for youth at a local elementary school, these might be some of the words you would use to describe her. You would likely have no idea how hard she has worked to get to this place. Elena works as a Program Leader in her position with AZ Community Enrichment, but just a few years ago, Elena, who has overcome several mental health disorders, was hardly able to leave home and had a hard time doing basic things for herself. Before coming to Beacon Group, she found it difficult just to talk to people.

    Learn more about Elena’s story and three specific ways that Beacon programs have moved her closer to her goals.

  • Paint

    EcoPaint BucketFIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS! 

    Pick up five gallons of Beacon Eco Paint for just $5 dollars every Friday at the Beacon Paint Center, 2700 N Stone Avenue between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

    For over four years, Beacon Group has been recycling paint collected through the City of Tucson’s Household Hazardous Waste Program.  The city collects the paint, but Beacon makes it usable again!  Learn more about how this 100% post-consumer recycled latex paint will save you money while it saves the environment and creates jobs for people with disabilities!