You Make the Difference

Fulfilling our mission is not possible without you. To continuously improve and create more opportunities for people with disabilities to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, we depend on your generosity. Beacon Group would like to thank and acknowledge all of the individuals, foundations and organizations who supported our work in 2020.

Arizona Community Foundation
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Connie Hillman Family Foundation
Schmidt & Barton Family Foundation

Deeney Sisters Fund
Richard Gallagher
Steve & Kathy King
Christopher McNamara
Greg & Penni Natvig
Sandra & Matt Pevarnik
Mary Seely
Rick & Deborah Williams

Ashton Family Philanthropic Fund
Cliff & Judy Wood
Mark & Joan Casciari
Diane Frisch
Jack & Deborah Gracie
Alayne & Bruce Greenberg
Ron Hunter
E. Philip Krider
Joan & Bobby Levitt
Catherene Morton
Debra Thompson
Elizabeth Von Isser
Dwight & Lille Whitley
Zachary Williams
Ronald Wong

Winifred Baran
Carl & Joan Boesewetter
Brian & Lorna Boon
Susan Bring
Natalya & Marc Brown
Sheryl & Richard Brown
Robert Chaney
Thomas & Marilyn Comer
Ryan Conti
Marie Daily
Douglas & Shirley Dechant
Dupnik Living Trust
Thomas & Jeanne Dwan
Michael Erickson
Mitch & Holly Eskritt
Diane Evans
Michael & Karen Fisher
David & Ingrid Hartshorne
Dana Holt
John & Janet Hughes
Veronica Johnson
Jan Lesher
Jeffrey Matthews
Jodi McCallum
Alpa & Nirav Merchant
William & Kathie Miller
Modern Technologies Systems
Joanne Noble
Delores Norton
Christina Noz
Dee O’Neill
Max & Juanita Pensinger
Ronald Peterson
John & Peggy Prugh
Pamela & Howard Roberts
Wendy Rosado-Toth
Robert Snyder
Angela Soto
Paul Stechman
Bill & Teresa Svetlik
Lynda Thrasher
Ruth Wylie

Patricia Anderson
Jean Ares
Julie Auvil
Jennifer Baldwin
Elizabeth Barksdale
James & Deborah Barnett
Deanna & Robert Bates
Dena Baumgartner
William Beatty
Michael & Cynthia Beckel
Alan Bedrick
Charles & Teresa Beggy
Edward Beggy
Leigh Bernstein
Peter Bisschop
Betsy Bolding
John & Camille Braswell
Dave & Karyn Buser
Michelle Carrick
Donna & Vincent Catalano
John Cho
Kimberley Clawson
David & Sally Clement
Carolyn Cluff
Mary Coffield
Emery & Sherry Collins
Janine Contestable
Amy Cook
Ida & Robert Dial
Downtown Tucson Lions Club Foundation
Elizabeth Dwan
Carolyn Edmond
Ragan Edwards
Valerie Estrada
Patricia Everett
Daniel Fahey
Bob & Margaret Feinman
Bruce & Jenny Felber
La Verne & William Foster
Tim Frankenberger
Michael Franks
Patrick Freeman
Barry Freeman
Jason Gaskell
Richard Geare
Steve Gershman
Shirley Gore
Christopher (Kit) Grantham
Dick Gribble
Alan Haggh
Michael & Kathryn Hard
Gisela & Bruce Harden
Richard & Cherry Harper
Judith Hayes
Gloria Hirsch
Frederick Hollwedel
William Hopkins
Jonathan & Susan Johansen
Frank Kalil
James Kimmet
Carol Koehler
Della & Don Kwasman
Carolyn Lane
Jessica Le Duc
Robert & Elizabeth Leko
Dan Levitt
Jane & Albert Lockwood
Jane & Gary Lolling
Daniel Longanecker
Robert & Helga Manring
Deborah Mathieu
Colleen Mathis
David McCallum
Judy McDermott
Paul & Jennifer McDonagh
Dede & Bill McKnight
John & Barbara Merlin
Scott Meyer
Elisa Mitchell
Roberto Montano
Carolyn Moore
Lourdes Munoz-Stevens
Tom Murphy
Paul & Julie Natvig
Anthony Nespoli
Chet Pawloski
Kenneth & Kelly Perry
Brian Peura
Efren Peyron
Jeanne Porter
Maria Pringle
Valerie Pullara
Courtney Ragan
Alfred & Soila Ramirez
Pahola Ramos
Helen & Michael Reynolds
Karen Lee Rice
Neville Richards
Douglas & Diana Richardson
Theresa & Richard Riess
Jose Robles
Leticia & Ernesto Rodriguez
Susan Rossman
Denise & Butch Ryan
Robert Samuelson
Joyce Santiago
Mary Saraceni
Susan Sayers
Robert & Elizabeth Sayers
Herbert & Barbara Schneidau
Seaver Franks Architects
Mike & Cathy Segneri
Suzanne Shields
Nadia Shivack
Karen & Philip Simon
Arnold & Kathleen Snover
Harold & Kathleen Snyder
Michael Solan
Miriam Stahler
Kirsten Stephens
Bob & Lynn Stiff Jr.
Lonnie & Marilyn Stitts
Kathy & Carl Stouffer
Katie Svetlik
James Taylor Irrevocable Trust
Michael Tews
Mary Alice Timms
Mavis Truckenmiller
Sara Tupa
Cynthia Valdes
Leslie Veevers
Christian Wildblood
Donald Willgale
Delores Wohlgamuth
Laura Wong
Margaret Young
David Zeleski
Helen Zaukas
Kathleen Zeider
ZIA Enterprises

Caterpillar Foundation
City of Tucson ECAP
Pima County ECAP
Raytheon Charitable Giving
Target Corporation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Workmens Boots & Shoes
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Amazon Smile
Contact One Call Center, Inc.
Gersons Building Materials
Goldsmith & Mendoza, PLLC
Jim Click Automotive Team
Lovitt & Touche
Mission Management & Trust Co.
Mutual of America Life Insurance Company
NSS Enterprises
Seaver Franks Architects
Trico Electric
Tucson Electric Power Company
Waxie Sanitary Supply
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Williams & Lake LLC (Pulse)

Memorials and Tributes

Memorials and gifts of honor are a special way to remember friends and loved ones as well as make a tax-deductible donation to Beacon Group. An acknowledgement is sent to both donor and honoree. Dedicated gifts below were made by donors named in parentheses.

Mike Casper (Carolyn Edmond)
John Chutkow (Jennifer Baldwin)
Colonel Bob Dwan (Thomas & Jeanne Dwan)
Mike Freeman (Patrick Freeman)
John Gallagher (Richard Gallagher)
Francisco Gutierrez (Ron Hunter)
Penny MacArthur (Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacArthur)
Michael Jeffrey Mahn (Dr. E. Phillip Krider)
Francis Nespoli (Anthony Nespoli)
Jennifer Luyties Putney (Douglas & Shirley Dechant)

Charles Ares (Goldsmith & Mendoza, PLLC)
Vikki Brown (Sheryl & Richard Brown)
Devin Depew (Arnold & Kathleen Snover)
Eric and Kathy Erickson (Anonymous)
Mitch & Holly Eskritt (Mrs. S Davis)
Mike Freeman (Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fahey, Barry Freeman, Bruce Perlman, Joyce Santiago, Susan Sayers, Robert & Elizabeth Sayers)
Ted Irish (Karen Brodie)
Steve & Kathy King (Jane & Gary Lolling, Denise & Butch R Ryan)
Aurora Le Duc (Jessica Le Duc)
Jeffrey Thomas Malmin (Dr. E. Phillip Krider)
Jodi McCallum (Deanna and Robert Bates, David McCallum)
Eileen Metcalfe (Anonymous)
Max Pensinger (Kim Pensinger)
Hannah Robles (Debra Thompson)
Daniel Simon (Karen & Philip Simon)
Rick and Deborah Williams (Zachary Williams)
Judy and Cliff Wood (Betsy Bolding, Skip & Lille Whitley)
Frank (Sam) Wylie (Anne & William Weiher)
Jim Campbell (William Hopkins)

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. We regret any errors or omissions. If noted, please contact Beacon’s Marketing and Development department via phone at 520-622-4874 x166 or email at

Our 2020 Donors

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We required infection control services for our building and enlisted Beacon. The application of the disinfectant using the Protexus Electrostatic System was efficient and effective...

We’ve worked with Beacon Group for over 10 years. They are dependable, easy to work with, and always provide great results. We’d highly recommend them...

I enjoy the services I receive at Beacon Group because they challenge me to grow and expand my capabilities. I hope to soon be returning...

If I wasn't referred here, I don't think I'd be here today with my GED in hand.

I never would have been able to [complete my GED] without you. I'm so glad I came to the Beacon Group

I enjoy working with Beacon Group. They are very knowledgeable at my needs. I also learned how to do a resume. Jessica gave me help...

When I moved my warehousing and ‘pick, pack, & ship’ to Beacon Fulfillment Services, I finally found what I could not get elsewhere: conscientious service...

I was completely blown away by the size and scope of your paint operation. The lady that helped me was delightful as well.

Beacon does a fantastic job on assembling our bags. They are efficient, quick, flexible and we never have any issues with the final product. We...