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Amazon Job is Worth the Wait

Amazon Job is Worth the Wait

~ Opportunity Delivered with Beacon's Support

Some jobs are worth the wait and process to get there, especially if it is one with longevity, schedule flexibility, and vast opportunity for growth. Since 2017, Beacon Group has partnered with Amazon and their Amazon Alternative Workforce Supplier Program to provide opportunities for people with disabilities in their sortation and fulfillment centers in the Phoenix area. Notably, some of the greatest advantages of the positions are a $15 starting pay, the availability of more flexible schedules, employee benefits eligibility, and on-going support from Beacon job coaches. “The associates who maintain their positions report that they love their jobs,” says Beacon Project Manager Naomi Bennet.  She adds, “We look forward to getting to know our applicants and supporting them through the process for success at Amazon.”


Simulation Picking Amazon items for Prime ORdersSuccessfully employed now at Amazon for three months, Charles Brillowsky explains, “Beacon helped me get my job, I got to see what the job was like and then helped me apply for it. The job coach met me at Amazon to help me with the paperwork and now I am going to get help applying for a blue badge.” Charles came to Beacon Group in early 2019 intending to become employed competitively.  His first positions addressed work-related needs such as hygiene and professional workplace communication. Initially beginning on the fleet washing crew, Charles expressed interest in being a more independent employee, and a potential job at Amazon seemed like the perfect fit. After completing the Beacon application and training, Charles applied and was successfully hired to become a part-time employee at Amazon. He has impeccable attendance and is ecstatic about his newfound employment independence. Now Charles is working towards the next progression with the support of his Beacon job coach.


With enhanced safety protocols and measures in place both on-site at Beacon for initial training and at Amazon if hired, Beacon Group works with potential candidates first to prepare them for the extensive process of applying and completing the Amazon hiring process. Breaking this down further, potential job seekers will complete the following first: a Beacon Group application, phone screening interview, and a simulation on-site at Beacon. Interested candidates should possess a GED or high school diploma, be able to pass a background/drug test, be physically able to complete a fulfillment center type of job, and be a person with disabilities eligible for disability benefits. (Candidates must qualify under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit – WOTC.)  After successfully finishing Beacon training, candidates next work to complete the Amazon’s New Hire application process with support from Beacon expert job coaches. Getting to the final step of being hired and starting training on-site at Amazon can take some time, but the pay-off is well-paying, steady, and flexible employment.

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If hired, Beacon Group continues to provide on-going job coaching to support the person with disabilities as they go through their probationary period as well as after that as needed. Oscar Ordaz explains how Beacon works with the person to ensure they feel fully supported moving forward on-site at Amazon, “I applied for the Amazon job through VR, a job coach called me from Beacon and helped me apply for the job. They help me at work, check on me for a while, and still help me.” The continued on-site coaching support Beacon Group provides is hands-on at Amazon and is credited for the current 90% retention rate. Beacon commends these workers for fulfilling an essential job at such a critical time.


To learn more about Amazon view our video on Warehouse Jobs. To complete an application for either Sortation or Prime positions in Phoenix through Beacon Group go to:

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