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Staff Spotlight: Darick Wilson – Focused and Engaged

Staff Spotlight: Darick Wilson – Focused and Engaged

In 1992 at a local Boys and Girls Club, high school freshman Darick Wilson began his nonprofit career caring for and empowering young people. Wilson, now an Employment Specialist in Beacon Group’s Employment and Transition Services, has a considerate and engaging personality that is obvious to anyone he meets. He has an immense desire to serve and an unrelenting drive to support people with disabilities in their employment journey, finding and securing work opportunities that fit their unique needs.

Following high school, Wilson provided group care services in a residential setting, caring for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illnesses, and behavioral health needs. He then spent 10 years
working for the Arizona State Hospital, primarily in high acuity units before moving up to project work and learning about outpatient services. This transition in his career ultimately led him to Beacon Group in 2017.

“Beacon gave me the opportunity to focus in on one subject and support people with disabilities in that one way versus having so many things on the table,” says Wilson.

In contrast to his caregiving background, Wilson likes that Beacon Group gives him the platform to engage
in a positive manner. He is proud to be able to help people with disabilities grow and find greater independence through employment.

The pandemic has challenged Wilson, but he is quick to point out the successful strides that have been
made by Beacon Group as it continues to serve people with disabilities.

“I think we did a great job during this pandemic while trying to meet the needs of our clients and staying
engaged,” he offers.

He also notes Beacon’s quick implementation of remote delivery of service as well as the ability of the people with disabilities Beacon serves to quickly adapt to technological innovations during the pandemic.

“I think it’s changed to where it’s sped up the technology aspect,” Wilson continues. “They’re trying to get work in a technology age to where you’re clocking in over a computer, phone and email, so it really helped us
speed up the platform of technology that our clients are going to be using.”

Wilson’s excitement and dedication to serving people with disabilities is recognized by his supervisor
Nichole Walla, Beacon’s Senior Manager of Employment Services.

“You can often hear Darick’s voice across the office,” says Walla, “but that is because he is so passionate about what he does and what he believes in. Darick is a team player and always steps up to help with other
programs when his peers need assistance or should they be on leave.”

Over the past four years at Beacon Group, Wilson has found comfort in his job and pride in the services he can offer people with disabilities. During that time, he has experienced growth, change and challenge while recognizing the benefits of working for a well-established organization with a long history of creating greater opportunities for people with disabilities.

“I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I firmly believe that. It takes diligence and time,” he emphasizes, “but I think we’re on the right path.”

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