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Keeping customer, employee, client, and patient information secure is the law, and companies and organizations, which fail to comply, face stringent penalties.  Eliminate the worry that confidential documents may be carelessly discarded and fall into the wrong hands.


Every business, regardless of the number of employees and the type of customer records kept, is at risk from various threats through casually discarded documents and improper destruction of customer information.


Risks of not shredding or destroying documents securely include, business liability and identity theft, non-compliance with Federal regulations (HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), exposure of trade secrets, business records, and sensitive information.


01. At your location
We provide locked containers for secure documents and media shredding at no cost to you, we remove all fasteners from your materials, and hard drives are the only devices, which need to be kept separately. For security purposes only Beacon Secure retains keys to your container. Our employees wear uniforms and picture IDs for pickup. While on your premises, Beacon Secure employees are courteous and respectful of your working environment. We will be in and out quickly, with minimal disruption. Typically, the same employees service your location, so they will be familiar with your requirements. If you have special requests, such as having additional materials picked up, we will accommodate you.
02. Transport
Your confidential materials are picked up on a pre-determined schedule. Each collection container is kept locked, until arrival at our NAID-secured facility. Confidential materials inside the locked containers move onto our locked, GPS-tracked vehicles, arriving at our NAID-secured facility, where they are shredded, typically within one day to both prevent loss, and to ensure complete security.
03. At our location
All Beacon Secure employees have passed background checks, have been drug tested, and are required to sign confidentiality agreements. They undergo annual training and follow precise security procedures when picking up, loading, transporting, and destroying your confidential materials. Your materials are weighed on a digital scale for accuracy, and we provide a certificate of destruction confirming your materials have been destroyed, which you receive with your invoice. Once your confidential documents have been shred, the paper is baled up and sent to a recycling mill to recycle materials back into new paper, so your documents never end up in a landfill.
04. Shredding standards
Our standard paper-shredding width is ½” with the industry-standard being less secure at 5/8”. In addition, Beacon Secure has two optional shredding technologies, 5/16” shred width, which complies with the Internal Revenue Service's contractual standards, and a cross-cut disintegration, which meets U.S. Government Security Level Six shredding requirements.
05. Secure facility
Access to our secured shredding area is controlled by electronic security cards. The Beacon Secure facility is monitored inside and outside 24/7 with multiple-angle, closed-circuit video surveillance, as well as a monitored alarm system, keeping your confidential documents and media secure until they are shred or destroyed.
06. The result
The chain-of-custody process is never broken or compromised. From pickup to destruction, your materials are always secure. Beacon Secure is dedicated to the security of your information, as passionately as we are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of our employees with disabilities. By entrusting us with your document destruction, you join a growing list of Southern Arizona businesses providing valuable work experience for our employees.


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Why Choose Beacon Secure?
Why Choose Beacon Secure?

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