Quality-focused and customer-driven

We can assemble your parts or perform simple to complex manufacturing processes, so you can concentrate on growing your business. We can provide services for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with our flexible workforce and manufacturing space


We offer quality service at competitive prices, while also acheiving short lead times for custom assembly and manufacturing projects.


Each day, Beacon Group produces up to hundreds of thousands of assembles for our various customers. Our multiple manufacturing spaces are flexible to meet your demands and we have the quality processes and manufacturing know-how to get your job done right.


Through our efficient process flow, we have the capacity to meet your production deadlines, and can scale up to grow with you. We can invest in labor and machinery as needed to get you the prices and results you need.We also pick up and deliver as needed by our clients, including daily just-in-time deliveries.

Examples of our contract manufacturing and assembly capabilities:

Manual assembly of screws, nuts, bolts
Pneumatic pressing
Laser engraving
Assembly of grommets, rivets, etc.

Medical device assembly
Dry product mixing and weighings
Plastic components
Application of labels and markings

Why work with us?

At our core, Beacon’s mission is to provide employment for people with disabilities. Our dedicated production staff of over 200 individuals are here every day. They are ready to provide assembly and manufacturing services for your growing business. While we specialize in repetitive, hand-made processes, we can also provide some very specialized skills. If you are looking for responsive, out-sourced labor in your manufacturing processes, Beacon is here for you.
We provide labor, and assume all costs associated with maintaining a dedicated staff. Our complete turnkey service includes the purchase and receipt of components, inspection, supervision, quality control, delivery, and shipping.
You can have complete confidence in the quality of service we offer – we map your assembly’s process, identifying all inspection points. All assemblies are fully checked, and our independent Quality Assurance team performs a statistical audit on all projects, providing you with measurable results and recommended adjustments for efficiencies.

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Beacon provides unique services that can’t be found elsewhere. They’ve been a flexible partner for us, and their capabilities will surprise you.