Ticket to Work

Do you want to work but still keep your SSI/SSDI benefits?

Ticket to work is a voluntary, free program for social security beneficiaries. Participants can enter employment and may continue to receive their Supplementary Security Income benefits and/or Social Security Disability Insurance. If you are eligible, you may work with an Employment Network like Beacon Group to find and maintain employment in order to work towards financial independence.

Participating in Ticket to Work means you can keep your Medicaid/Medicare benefits, and the Social Security office will not conduct a medical review while you are making timely progress towards your goals.

Beacon is a member of the National Employment Network Association (NENA). They are a professional organization providing training, advocacy, technical assistance, networking and related activities to Employment Networks and their partners under the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program with a focus on increasing Employment Network participation and employment outcomes.

We can help you, too! We can help by:

  • Developing an Individual Work Plan
  • Providing career counseling to help you reach your employment goals
  • Assisting with job placement
  • Coaching you through the work transition period
  • SSI/SSDI benefits coaching

Please contact us for more information:

Tucson: (520) 917-1787
Phoenix: (602) 344-0002

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