Group Supported Employment

An enclave is a group of Beacon Group clients and one Beacon Group Job Coach who work together at a business within the community. The enclave environment gives you an opportunity to work in a real work setting where you experience new responsibilities and are required to meet new expectations. You enjoy an increase in workplace independence, while knowing that specially trained Beacon Group job coaches are available as needed to offer guidance and support.

Currently Beacon Group has group opportunities at several Southern Arizona businesses that offer work experiences and skills development in industries such as recycling, janitorial services, landscape maintenance, assembly maintenance, warehouse work, clerical work, vehicle washing, restaurant and vending, retail stocking, thrift store laundry and processing services.

To learn more about group supported employment opportunities, contact the Vice President of Rehabilitation Services at (520) 622-4874, extension 127.

Click the following link to view Beacon’s Title VI implementation Plan