Work and keep your SSI/SSDI benefits

The Ticket program is a good fit for people who want to improve their earning potential and are committed to preparing for long-term success in the workforce. Ticket to Work is a voluntary, free program for individuals who are ages 18 to 64 and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Social Security Income (SSI) benefits because of his or her disability. Ticket to Work offers beneficiaries with disabilities access to meaningful employment with the assistance of Ticket to Work employment service providers like Beacon Group – participants keep their benefits while they explore employment and gain work experience.

Beacon Group can help by:

Developing an Individual Work Plan
Providing career counseling
Assisting with job placement
Coaching through the work transition period
SSI/SSDI benefits coaching

Once determined eligible for the program, beneficiaries can try out work opportunities with confidence, knowing they may be able to keep some or all benefits during the transition period. Beacon Group provides individualized planning that allows a ticket holder to start working and maximizing their financial outcome, eventually removing reliance of benefits completely, if that is the best financial option. With the right opportunities and supports many people can earn a higher standard of living by going to work.

To learn more about the benefits of the program and whether you are eligible for FREE services that can help you return to work, refer to the “Choose Work” section near the bottom of this page.


Social Security’s Ticket to Work program supports career development for Social Security Disability beneficiaries by providing free access to service providers, who can assist in all stages of employment transition. Individualized support services is included in this support.

A benefits counselor is on staff to assist individuals, who may be concerned about how Social Security benefits, healthcare and other benefits (food stamps, housing assistance, etc.) may be affected by work.

Ticket holders can experience work with confidence, knowing cash benefits and Medicaid or Medicare often continue throughout their transition to work, and there are protections in place to help them return to benefits. Ticket to Work participants unable to continue working due to their disability at some point after discontinuing benefits, they can ask for benefits to start again using an Expedited Reinstatement Process for up to five years after benefits have stopped.

Participants will be exempt from Continuing Disability Review (CDR), while actively involved in the program.

Individuals who receive Social Security benefits because of a disability and are age 18 through 64 should qualify for the program. If an individual is near the age of 64, a discussion of the goals beforehand would be important to ensure appropriateness of fit.

Earning a living through employment is not something everyone can do, but it may be right for you or someone you know. Many find that the rewards far outweigh the risks. Beacon Group is here to help you learn about your options with the Ticket to Work Program and provide assistance on the journey to financial independence.

NOTE: Individuals actively participating in Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services may not assign their ticket to Beacon Group as VR automatically holds a ticket. Once an individual successfully closes from VR and is still receiving benefit he/she can then enter into the program with Beacon Group if income criteria is met based on TTW’s program.

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