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Beacon Group offers a wide variety of services designed to improve the employability of individuals with disabilities. This includes developing both soft and hard skills, computer and academic skills, as well as skills for specific vocations.  Additional resources are available – such as coaching for people with disabilities to encourage self-advocacy –  to address any issues that interfere with individual goals or the ability to perform specific job duties.


Some of the programs, like Work Adjustment Training (WAT) and Trial Work Experience (TWE) deliver training that will allow individuals with disabilities to return to work, to enter a new line of work, or to enter the workforce for the first time. WAT includes work-related group activities that teach the meaning and value of an independent work environment. WAT also helps to learn new work behaviors and attitudes – skills that move individuals seeking employment or career advancement closer to their employment goals. TWE may consist of paid work assignments for exploration of a client’s ability and capacity to perform work duties in a single realistic, integrated work setting. WAT and TWE are offered through both Tucson and Phoenix offices, and may require Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Situational Assessment, and Vocational Assessment and a referral from either a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor or a rehab coach from a behavioral health system. Qualified participants can gain trial work experience and advance their job skills with these on the job training opportunities.


Other programs, offered in our Tucson and Phoenix locations, help individuals overcome academic or computer skill barriers that are preventing them from taking their next step in their career path.  Whether it is targeted practice of basic math and language skills, computer tutorials, certification, or other preparation needed for the next job or academic advancement, Beacon Group is here to assist and support individuals with disabilities in meeting their goals. Training is delivered one-on-one or in small group classes.


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Some of the benefits of Skills Training include:

Advice and suggestions on handling difficult work situations
Assistance to learn job-specific tasks
Career goal development
Computer basic, intermediate and advanced skills
Customer service skills
Adult literacy / academic foundations
General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation
Post-GED transition to work/college
Test-taking strategies
Training materials included

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The purpose of Work Adjustment Training is to hone an individual’s soft skills (e.g. attendance, hygiene, focus, interaction with coworkers and staff, etc) so that he or she is more likely to be successful with future work opportunities. The service lasts from three weeks to three months, depending on the referral source, and is conducted at either Beacon or in another public/private work setting.  WAT positions may be either paid or unpaid.

A referral from either a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor or a rehab coach from a behavioral health system initiates this service.  Individuals referred through behavioral health receive simultaneous job development services; those in the Vocational Rehabilitation system will be referred for job development upon successful completion of WAT.  Length of services may vary dependent upon referring agency, as well as the individual’s needs.

Trial Work Experience is one method used by VR to assess an individual’s soft skills (e.g. attendance, hygiene, focus, interaction with coworkers and staff, etc) to see how he/she will fare in a competitive work environment. The assessment is used by the VR counselor to determine whether the individual would benefit from additional job development services in order to help him or her find a job.

A referral from a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor initiates this service.  The assessment lasts two to four weeks and can be conducted either at Beacon or in a private/public work setting outside of Beacon. Length of service will vary dependent upon the individual’s needs and the service setting.

People with disabilities don’t need to let academic barriers to securing employment or taking the next step in their education prevent them from being successful. Beacon Group’s Phoenix location offers adult literacy, academic career planning, and high school equivalency classes to help individuals reach educational and employment goals.

▪️Year-round GED program at no cost to eligible participants
▪️Customized instruction and flexible scheduling for individualized support
▪️Proven GED success and completion rates
▪️Guidance towards higher education and/or training to obtain career objectives

Participants can work on academic development goals and GED / post GED academic skills concurrent with Work Adjustment Training, Warehouse Job training or other employment. Beacon can also help individuals attending participating accredited Arizona colleges earn credits towards their associate’s degree through the College Credit Pathways program.

Computer skills are a must for securing a job and making career advancements. One of the primary goals of Beacon Group’s Computer Skills Training Center in Phoenix is to empower individuals with a disability through the benefits of modern computer technology. We assist individuals who are new to the computer, returning for review, or just needing to update skills. Application training is available through three different interactive training portals and features Windows 10, Office 2019, various web browsers and other operating systems. Beacon’s computer tutorials teach keyboarding techniques to improve speed and accuracy, and focus on using the internet to identify and develop job leads.

The Computer Skills Training Center is a place where vocational interests, potential, and knowledge are expanded with technology training. In addition to basic computer and job skills training, Beacon Group offers CompTIA A+ hardware and software technology training and preparation for the A+ certification. The computer lab is available to job seekers on certain days for computer-based job search activities.

A referral from either a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor initiates this service.

This is focusing on specific niches of employment, i.e., direct service professional (DSP) skills, warehouse worker skills, and computer skills training.

These classes focus on a combination of education and independent living skills for each individual’s success in achieving academic, employment, and personal goals. Subjects include, but are not limited to, time management, budgeting, stress management and coping skills, effective communication, conflict management, building self-confident, critical thinking and problem solving, healthy living and analytical skills.

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