Develop skills, abilities, and behaviors

Beacon Group provides supervised work and vocational training for people with disabilities within our manufacturing facility.


The purpose of Center Based Employment is to provide specialized supported employment for developing skills, abilities, and behaviors, which will allow them to fully realize their vocational aspirations. This employment opportunity includes assembly, disassembly, document destruction, cable assembly, packaging, fulfillment, and custodial work.


Individuals who choose this service work with ongoing supervision receiving continuous guided employment feedback and support, while engaging in work which is paid based upon individual productivity levels. Center-Based workers receive training and encouragement towards progressively more independent work in more integrated employment settings.


Examples of workplace training include proper workplace behavior, flexibility, conflict resolution and normal daily work-related tasks such as clocking in and taking breaks. The goal of Center-Based Employment is to give individuals who choose this work a place where they are comfortable and safe. It also allows them to earn money and produce at their highest level, so they have the opportunity to grow to their greatest potential.

01. Program-participant requirements
Requires ALTCS eligibility and referral from wither DDD support-coordinator or behavior health case-manager.

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Our daughter has been a client at the Beacon Group for half of a decade. The entire staff, at the Beacon Group, embraces their mission...