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Enthusiasm that Shines Through

Enthusiasm that Shines Through

As Ashley Davis pushes her cleaning cart, a wide smile comes across her face. Always affable and happy to work on the custodial crew at Air National Guard and a Homeland Security facility, Ashley keeps a quick pace
as she wipes down sinks and mirrors, ensuring each area is spotless before moving on to the next task.

Her enthusiasm for her work is a shining example of the dedication and innovation of the people with disabilities that Beacon Group serves.

“I’m proud of my work. I’m proud of coming on time, and never ever calling out,” says Ashley.

Prior to coming to Beacon Group, Ashley worked at the dining hall at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. When the dining hall closed, she and her family began searching for new opportunities. That search led them to Beacon Group where she has focused on custodial work for the past 18 months.

During her time at Beacon Group, Ashley found an employment fit in Group Supported Employment, a program where a small group of two to six people with disabilities work with and are supported by a Job Coach, who provides work task guidance and direction as well as assisting in developing soft job skills like work attendance and staying on-task.

Throughout her time at Beacon, Ashley has built a strong bond with her job coach, Laurie Campos. This has led to satisfaction and success in her job.

“I stay on-task, and I don’t ask what I do next… I just go right to it. I make Laurie proud!”

Taking great pride in her work, Ashley has made significant progress in recent months.

“Ashley has come a long way,” Campos notes about her journey. “At the beginning when I first had her, I provided a lot of guidance on tasks, but now, she works much more independently. She’s awesome and has grown so much in her work. I’m teaching my clients how to strive. I want them to be excellent and they are getting there.”

Ashley is the type of worker that employers look for when hiring permanent staff. She is genuine, dedicated, helpful and loves her job. She has received praise from both Beacon staff and customers, with one recent customer making a financial donation in honor of her custodial work crew.

Looking towards the future, Ashley has her eyes set towards working on her own more independently but understands that for her, the journey to get there will take her more time and depend on her own comfort level.

“I wish I could work on my own, independently,” she admits. “But not yet.”

Right now, she is happy with her custodial work crew support system at Beacon.

“I improved working hard. I like working at Beacon. It’s a good, awesome job!” she concludes.

Call (520) 622-4875 or click here to visit our Supported Employment page for more information about this program.

Call (520) 622-4875 or click here for more information about Beacon’s custodial services.

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