Services for Employers

Beacon is all about putting people to work – in our place or in your place! If your business needs good employees to get work done, there are three ways Beacon can help you.

We have people you can hire.

These people want to work, are trained to work and are ready to work. They may have a disability, but we’ve screened them, trained them and qualified them for you. We’ll even provide a job coach to help them through their training/transition period with you.

We can supply contract labor.

We can supply large or small groups of employees – with supervisor we pay for – to help augment your existing labor force.

We can handle your outsourced work needs.

We have hundreds of workers, a 64,000 sq. ft. facility, large fleet of trucks and vans, great supervision and quality controls, sixty five of experience and very competitive pricing, to get the job done for you!

For 65 years, we’ve been putting Tucsonans with disabilities to work. By letting us help you with your business needs, you will also be helping people – who happen to have a disability – who can work and want to work. Why not have them work for you?

To learn more or to set up a visit to Beacon, please contact our VP of Business Operations, at 622-4874 ext. 164.