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Employee Appreciation Month

Employee Appreciation Month

This March, we’re recognizing the hardworking staff at Beacon Group for going above and beyond in serving our mission each day.

Eric Koster, General Maintenance Worker at Hill AFB in Utah

Eric’s supervisor Tom Ashton had this to say about him:

“He is dependable as the day is long and always willing to work overtime through his weekend. In February he worked 70 hours of overtime to ensure the mission was accomplished! Eric is his supervisor’s right-hand man and when that supervisor is conducting inspections or work at other buildings, Eric takes charge and ensures the work is done. When we get new employees in his area, Eric is entrusted to begin training them in our tasks.

Eric is always the first man on the job. His day begins at 3:30am so he can begin getting the floors done before workers show up for their shift. Lastly, Eric is the nicest, most pleasant person to work with. No one would have any problems with such a good guy. Thank you Eric so much for all you do!”


Adriene Gentile, Phoenix CWT Job Coach

Adriene’s supervisor Naomi Bennett and fellow Job Coach Kacey Hart this to say about her:

“She has taken the role of level 3 seriously while she guides and supports the people she serves each and every day she is also a huge support to her fellow teammates. She guides, listens, and provides positive feedback to everyone around her to encourage teamwork and the growth of everyone. She and I meet most mornings to discuss different topics for support for the other coaches and for the members but she does not need my support with this, she knows what to do and how to support. She really only wants to ensure I am aware. She is a great leader within her team and compassionate beyond measure while maintaining composure and accountability.”


“She goes above and beyond to help not just her clients but everyone surrounding her. She lives the beacon mission and is an absolute joy to work with.”


Doreen Bejarano, Quality Assurance Inspector

Doreen’s supervisor Gunjan Sinha had this to say about her:

“Doreen has been a dedicated Beacon employee for over 27 years. She started in November 1993 as an assistant supervisor at the Drachman street site and quickly advanced to a department supervisor at the same site. Over the last several years Doreen has been working as a Quality Assurance Inspector. As an IPC trainer, Doreen trained and helped several colleagues obtain their IPC certification between 2019-2021. Doreen is dedicated and an integral part of the team. Her attention to detail and focus is much appreciated. During the ongoing pandemic, Doreen has been very flexible with taking on varied projects and helping out wherever needed. Thank you, Doreen!”


Brenda James, Custodial Worker

Brenda’s supervisor Charlene had this to say about her:

“I would like to nominate Brenda “Bren” James for her hard work and dedication to our program. When I first started with Beacon she was very welcoming and kind. Those of you who know her know that she has some great outfits and a wonderful collection of accessories. I look forward to seeing what she is wearing every day. While working with her I noticed that she is very knowledgeable and kind and encouraging with the staff she works with and those that she does not.


She has been transferred to a new site and took ownership of the site. The manager of the site is very pleased with the work she is completing. The manager even stayed late one evening to meet Bren and let her know how pleased she is with her work. Imagine if we could get this same reaction from all of our customers!


Brenda “Bren” James is a blessing to have working for us and should be recognized for her hard work and dedication to our customers and to the Beacon mission!!”


Gyorgy “Gyuri” Toth, Job Coach III CWT (not pictured)


Gyorgy’s supervisor Dana and fellow job coach Shirley had this to say about him:


“I would like to nominate Gyuri Toth. Underappreciated at times Gyuri gets forgotten.  He and his crew cleaned up the 2700 N. Stone Paint area. Paint buckets discarded full of sludge from years ago. Yuri does not like getting dirty but he did it. He cleaned up the dumpster area full of discarded tables, pallets, machinery, etc. When the garbage man comes next time and empties the dumpster he can place the dumpster positioned where it should be. I am very grateful for a tidier-looking 2700 N. Stone.”


“Gyorgy can wear many different hats at any time and can work at all worksites. There have been many occasions that he is planned to go to one site and plans change last minute in which he is able to roll with those changes willingly. His good attitude to approach to work anywhere needed is refreshing.”

We required infection control services for our building and enlisted Beacon. The application of the disinfectant using the Protexus Electrostatic System was efficient and effective...

We’ve worked with Beacon Group for over 10 years. They are dependable, easy to work with, and always provide great results. We’d highly recommend them...

I enjoy the services I receive at Beacon Group because they challenge me to grow and expand my capabilities. I hope to soon be returning...

If I wasn't referred here, I don't think I'd be here today with my GED in hand.

I never would have been able to [complete my GED] without you. I'm so glad I came to the Beacon Group

I enjoy working with Beacon Group. They are very knowledgeable at my needs. I also learned how to do a resume. Jessica gave me help...

When I moved my warehousing and ‘pick, pack, & ship’ to Beacon Fulfillment Services, I finally found what I could not get elsewhere: conscientious service...

I was completely blown away by the size and scope of your paint operation. The lady that helped me was delightful as well.

Beacon does a fantastic job on assembling our bags. They are efficient, quick, flexible and we never have any issues with the final product. We...