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Donor Spotlight – Kirsten Stephens

Donor Spotlight – Kirsten Stephens

~Employee Giving Program Proves Easy Way to Support Beacon Group

Kirsten Stephens has been donating to Beacon Group through employee giving at her employer Raytheon Technologies since 2009.

Kirsten shares why she donates to Beacon Group, “I started donating to Beacon because I was grateful that the organization was willing to help one of my uncles who had Down Syndrome.”

She continues, “He worked in a similar organization in Pennsylvania and when it was time to move him to Tucson, Beacon had a job waiting for him.“

Unfortunately for Kirsten and her family, her uncle Richard passed away before he could move to Tucson and begin working with Beacon Group. “The fact that Beacon was willing to give him a chance endeared the organization to me forever,” she explains.

Raytheon Technologies offers a payroll deduction program that allows her to make a donation with every paycheck. “Signing up for payroll deduction is easy, quick, reliable, produces an excellent documentation trail and provides Beacon with a guaranteed monthly income.”

Kirsten recommends donating through your employer to organizations like Beacon Group to all who have the opportunity. She says, “Don’t wait, donate now as every contribution is more important than ever in these tough times.  It’s easy and gratifying to support an excellent organization that helps those in need in our own community become more self-sufficient.”

To find out more about employee giving, most employers handle this process through either their Human Resources or Accounting Payroll departments. Many employers also provide a match to your contribution, doubling the impact.  For any further questions about donating to Beacon Group, you can visit or reach out to the Marketing and Development department directly via phone at 520- 622-4874 x195 or via email at

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