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Beacon Secure Delivers Value

Beacon Secure Delivers Value

~ Secure, Saving the Environment, and Mission-driven.

For almost fifteen years, Beacon Secure, a social enterprise of Beacon Group, has been at the forefront of providing a valuable document destruction service to Southern Arizona that is secure, eco-friendly, and provides employment services to people with disabilities. “The first time I went through the shredding process, I accompanied my shredding material from the car through the shredding process, and I was impressed that it was secure, safe.” Ronald Peterson, a longtime Beacon Secure customer and donor to Beacon group, touts.

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Beacon’s crews drove nearly 47,273 miles throughout Southern Arizona last year servicing customer recycling bins.


Obtaining certification in 2005, Beacon Secure (a DBA of Beacon Group, Inc.) was the first AAA National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified shredding facility in Southern Arizona. All of Beacon Secure’s employees go through a rigorous background check, drug screen, and employment verification process, sign a confidentiality agreement, and go through facility and document security training. In addition, Beacon Secure abides by strict NAID requirements such as stringent rules regarding pick-up, transportation, and destruction of material and undergoes an annual audit to retain its certification.


Last fiscal year, Beacon Secure picked up and shredded 2,853,094 lbs or 1,427 tons of paper that was then recycled, saving 24,259 trees, 542,260 gallons of oil, and 9,989,000 gallons of water. Beacon’s crews were busy driving nearly 47,273 miles throughout Southern Arizona. Beacon Secure which currently employs 25 workers full and part-time, most of whom have a documented disability, is an ideal mission-oriented enterprise for helping people with disabilities develop vital job skills, while earning a good paycheck.


All documents and media are shredded at Beacon Secure’s facility in Tucson.  Plant-based destruction offers more security than on-site shredding services. On-site shredding is performed in a vehicle that is prone to loss of confidential material due to weather conditions, especially wind since bins are opened outside, and shredding vehicles often face maintenance issues that could result in a security breach. Confidential materials are exposed fewer times and move more quickly between their last user and the eventual recycling of the base material with plant-based destruction. All of these issues may impact the size specifications of the destroyed material as well.  Plant-based destruction allows for a cleaner, quieter, and quicker process of swapping bins at pick-up sites with minimal disturbance to a business’s employees.


Beacon Secure offers two main types of services to best fit customer needs:


Beacon Secure process including bin to truck, shredding belt, and final shredded bales.

    • Walk-In shredding service is perfect for residential customers and small businesses. Bring your documents to our secure facility at 308 W. Glenn, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm for quick and secure destruction.
    • Pre-Scheduled document shredding solutions are ideal for organizations that need regular service. Our professionals will provide you with lockable collection containers that can be placed throughout your office as desired. For ease of disposal, simply toss your documents into these security containers, and our team will service the bins on a timeline that serves your organization’s needs.


For a customized shredding plan for your organization, call (520)352-9951 or email


The Beacon Secure facility and security processes are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, medical facilities, financial institutions, legal firms, accounting firms, and government agencies. “Beacon Secure is very professional. They take care of any issues right away. Security is also very good with the locked bins,” explains Glen Bowman, a supervisor of Health Information Management at El Rio. “I would recommend Beacon Secure. One quality we like is that they hire people with disabilities, and El Rio is all about community health and a part of that is serving patients with disabilities.”


Customer names are kept confidential unless permission is granted for other purposes. Publicly available information will reveal that we serve the State of Arizona and the Internal Revenue Service.  Beacon Secure does business with many customers who view the security of their confidential materials as an expectation — and Beacon Secure offers that security.


Beacon Secure’s document management and destruction process step-by-step:

  1. When Beacon Secure staff picks up materials at the customer’s location, we check all containers to ensure they are closed and locked prior to moving the containers to the Beacon Secure truck. All containers are loaded and secured in the truck. No containers are left unattended at any time once removed from the customer’s location. Locked bins are never opened on site and not opened until they are within Beacon Secure’s plant-based secure facility.
  2. Upon completion of the route, the Beacon Secure staff return to the secured facility and unload all materials at the secured facility.
  3. An individual customer who comes to our Beacon main office location is either met out front by a Beacon Secure staff member with a bin and materials are secured in a locked bin, or the customer can drive back to our shred dock area where a staff member unloads and then secures shredding material.
  4. Each customer’s material is individually staged and weighed immediately upon delivery to the shredding facility. The Beacon Secure staff use the required written weight log to complete the chain of custody. For walk-in customers, materials are weighed and the appropriate price is determined. Payment is made at our front desk.  All materials are then immediately staged for sorting, if applicable, and proper destruction.
  5. All material enters the destruction process immediately upon arrival at the shredding facility. Incoming service bins are emptied and rotated among those regularly serviced customers.
  6. All secure paper is shredded by using high capacity shredders and in accordance with all NAID AAA certification requirements and shred width requirements. The destruction of confidential materials takes place within three (3) business days for materials in bins and 15 days for bulk purges.  A Certificate of Destruction is issued to the customer recording the actual date of destruction.
  7. Shredded material is baled according to grade and recyclability. All paper bales are sold to a recycling company for pulping.
  8. All secured confidential non-paper materials are destroyed by utilizing the SEM disintegrator. The destruction of confidential materials under this category takes place within three (3) business days.  All disintegrated materials are bagged and disposed of in accordance with the recycler’s Agreement for Responsible Disposal.

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Visit for more information. For a customized shredding plan for your organization, call (520)352-9951 or email

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