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A Journey Towards Self-Improvement

A Journey Towards Self-Improvement

~Taylor Shows Motivation and Dedication to Complete His GED

For Taylor Bowden, earning his GED at Beacon Group in Phoenix was a vital first step to building a career to support himself. Taylor’s story is unique, not just because he was so quick to complete the GED program at Beacon Group, finishing in just 3 months, but for Taylor, obtaining his GED, was another step towards self-improvement in what had been a difficult period to overcome for this young adult with mental health disabilities.

Prior to coming to Beacon Group, Taylor had a rough time in high school. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, he had significant challenges as a result of his mental health disability, requiring a medication which greatly hindered his ability to learn throughout a typical school day.

Taylor went to the nurse’s office every day to take his medication which often made him tired and unable to participate in classroom learning.  Taylor explains, “I slept the whole day or most of the day. I did not learn anything. I didn’t retain anything I learned.”

Not only did this impact his academic performance, but it also caused a significant strain on his physical health. During this time, Taylor gained nearly 100 pounds.

Finally, despite the intense barriers created by his mental health disabilities, Taylor decided to make a change for the better. He began a strict weight loss regimen, improving nutritional choices and participating in regular physical activity to lose the weight.

Working with Beacon Educational Support Specialist Kelli Jones, he used that same commitment in coursework to complete his GED at Beacon Group. As Taylor explains, working towards his GED was the change from his high school setting that he needed. “It was a lot different. So I was more focused. I wanted the GED more than I wanted a high school diploma when I was at the high school. I wanted it more. I wanted it bad. I needed it. I had to go on. I had to move on so that’s what I had to do.”

Kelli commends his effort, “I just want to emphasize how much drive Taylor has, how much self-determination… because it shows in a lot of the effort he makes.” She continues, “Every time he was scheduled [for class, for testing], he was there. He showed up. But also, he put in a lot of time and effort into studying on his own. He even purchased his own GED study book.”

Through his drive, motivation, and hard work, Taylor completed the GED program in record time and was an inspiration to other students enrolled in the program who saw him soaring through to the finish line.

Right now, Taylor lives with his grandparents who have been supportive, stable figures in his life. “I want them to retire. I want to make enough money so they can be safe and don’t have to work anymore and just be okay.”

With his eyes on the future, Taylor is currently enrolled in a financial planning training associate program and aims to become a financial advisor. His future is bright as he continues to focus on “what’s real” and face his challenges head-on.

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